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        1. Mold material selection principles of three aspects
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          (a) mold satisfies the requirement of working conditions

          1. Wear resistance

          Blank plastic changes in the mold cavity, the cavity surface flow and sliding, the cavity surface with a dramatic friction between billet, resulting in mould failure due to wear and tear. So the wear resistance of materials is one of the most basic, the most important performance of mould.

          Hardness is the main factors influencing the abrasion resistance. Under normal circumstances, the mould parts of hardness is higher, the smaller the amount of wear and tear, abrasion resistance and the better. In addition, abrasion resistance and carbides in the material type, quantity, shape, size and distribution.

          2. Strong toughness

          Die working conditions are very bad, some often bear the impact load of larger, resulting in brittle fracture. To prevent mold parts at work suddenly brittle fracture, mould ?

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